Safe guarding your API key is very important and is tightly coupled with your application security. We’ve introduced a new feature today to help you sleep a little easier a night. From today on all accounts have access to IP address whitelisting capabilities. This new feature affords each account the ability to restrict access to our screenshot and PDF web APIs, via your key, to only IP addresses under your control.

Our extensive API logs have helped inform the creation of our latest feature update. We’ve noticed that some accounts can perform requests from hundreds of IP addresses. Thanks to this knowledge we’ve decided to support standard CIDR notation out of the gate, alongside our support for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Get started today with the new IP address API key whitelisting feature by going to the dedicated IP address section in your account. Please let us know if you love or hate it, we enjoy all feedback. We’ve got more API related goodies coming your way soon so stay tuned by following us on Twitter!