That’s right folks we’ve hit it out of the park with yet another new feature update.

Since our beginning, the ability to browse through detailed usage logs has been core to CloudBrowser. We’ve provided a depth of information in our API logs that remains unsurpassed by our competition – among the few that provide logs that is! Today we’ve extended the scope of the logs by providing the ability to export to a local CSV file the records of your usage. The tool that can be found on the API logs page exposes the ability to download usage logs using pre-set date filters – such as "this week", "this month", and so on. Additionally, you may set your own date range before executing the export using our handy date picker.

Put the newly exported log files to use and analyse your usage, see where some native caching could save some requests, or just keep it for your own internal records and audits. Please reach out to us if there are any new features you’d like to see incorporated into our screenshot API service, we can be very accommodating!

We’ve got more API related goodies coming your way soon so stay tuned by following us on Twitter!